Recovery in Sweltering Heat

Recovery in Sweltering Heat

Had to give the Striders Chatswood LR a miss today. Absolutely no incentive to be stuck in the heat after 8:30am. So instead, all I did was a recovery run out to Macquarie Hospital before shooting back along the Lane Cove cycle tracks. Not sure if it’s a coincidence but two hospital visits in two days… all for the right reasons though.

Happened to be carrying my swimmers as you never know if a run takes you to a good swimming spot. As I passed Lane Cove pool, it didn’t take much convincing to take a quick dip before heading home. Covered 14km pre-swim, and a few more kms post the swim.

Finding my energy levels have been quite low this weekend. Possibly physical / mental fatigue, hot weather and poor hydration.

So this week’s been another 150km one. Way too much junk miles to call it training though … almost no quality aside from Tuesday tempo.

Weekly summary

Nonetheless, looking forward to a bit of a rest week this week. Body needs to heal as does the mind.

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