Redleaf Again

Redleaf Again

Found some unexpected company in the Northside Runners for 3km of my commute this morning. Basically got swept up in a group of 10 along the Willoughby cycle paths. Turns out they do 10km in the area most morning plus trails on Saturdays.

Round 2 at lunch on the legs. All I can say is humid, humid and humid. It’s getting tougher and tougher to run midday. I joined MC, Bruce, Jonathan and Crossy for the long-long version down to Redleaf. Consensus in such weather as pretty simple – find some whatever and jump in.

Redleaf pool absolutely beautiful for the 2 minutes I was in. Run turned out longer than expected … 8km out and 8km back.

Big surprise to the upside for the day – 25km all up

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