Rising Star

Rising Star

My 3 year old cavoodle Molly continues to impress. Last weekend she survived a double – 40km split over Saturday and Monday.

Being so desperately energetic during the week, she seems to love the energy release of a Saturday am run. She seemed unusually keen at 6am, so off we went down to the Bay Run.

Tracked NW towards Abbosford and circled the Peninsula around Chiswick and Drummoyne. Pace started at 5:40s, my legs loosened up and by say 15km I noticed we were clocking 5 min/km. Took her off the leash, put in a few hill surges and she stayed close. Amazing. Lorie’s pretty confirmed I’m pushing the dog too hard, but Molly seemed non-fussed.

Got back bang on 2 hours, covering 22.3km at 5:22 min/km ave. pace. A new PB for Molly.

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