Rolling 12 and Still Strong

Rolling 12 and Still Strong

12 October a day to remember:

  • 2012 – crossed my first marathon (Melbourne) in 2:51
  • 2013 –  nervously waiting at the aisle 
  • 2014 – happy 1 year anniversary to my better half! 

Got out for an early morning LR, half of which not alone. Some low hanging clouds at Artarmon oval made a pretty interesting shot.

Artarmon Oval 6am

Joined up with Matt after 3km – very impressed he turned up having done a 4x2km session yesterday afternoon. Pace was pretty relaxed at 5 min/km heading out for a planned 13km to Cremorne Point (Charlie from work showed me this course), Got lost along the way, had to head back early as Matt had to take care of the kids. He’s pushing me to commit to 6 foot next year in my current shape.

Quality of the LR was good, with rolling hills and intermittent surges. Matt dropped off after 1 hour leaving me with another hour at the same pace to complete the run. Initial goal was around 22km, but legs felt better and better. I seemed to recover from stomach cramps around 15km, and clocked 30km to make it home just in time for church.

The map below says the following – ‘this guy has no idea where he’s going

Where am I going???

Run summary – 30km in 2:27 at 4:54 min/km. 310m elevation gain. 

Ave HR = 122bpm, max HR = 151bpm.  It’s something I have not focused on since 2012, but that average is c.10 bpm lower than similar runs in the last. May I need to push harder?

Second part of the day was doing my best to spoil Lorie – poor girl has now put up with me for 12 months. Took her out to brunch at About Life – 520 Miller Street, Cammaray. It sits on the north side of the main strip.

Celebratory brunch at About Life, Cammaray

Review is in a separate post.

Also fit in an hour of tennis in the afternoon. Went down in a set 6-4 to Matt. A close game nonetheless. The serve was not as rusty as I anticipated, but I expect sore shoulders tomorrow.

Looking back at my running for the week. 
Weekly summary – 105km running which included one quality tempo, the rest mostly junk/base. Also did 5.5km swimming plus a few cycle commutes. 
Fatigue score 6 (out of 10) – some signs of arch soreness, but the easy Wed-Sat really helped. 
Run summary for w/c 6 October
Look forward to hearing how some of the HuRTS guys went in Melbourne. Pretty sure there will be some cracking times. Shame I did not get to run … my time will come.
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