Solo 16x1km Long Run

Solo 16x1km Long Run

Brought forward my LR to Saturday.

Felt strangely fresh again, so about 10 minutes in I decided to do 1km on 500m off until I could walk no more! 16 reps later, I decided enough was enough.

Kept the 1km intervals at a fairly relaxed 3:50ish, and used the float to recover. Felt I got a lot out of the session – much better than just jogging around for 30km.

In the back 10km, found myself trotting along Canada Bay and Drummoyne for the first time. By that stage the heat was really picking up.

Must have lost 10% of my body weight in water. Next time I should probably hydrate along the run.

Run summary – 32km at 4:29 min/km. Pulled up very well.

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