Sore Quads but Recovering Well

Sore Quads but Recovering Well

OK so I know a SFT race report is due. Fully written up, just waiting on the photos but I was stoked with a 3:51. The descend down to the river crossing at 15km destroyed my quads.

No surprise how my quads felt. Took the dog out for a 6km walk with some light jogging down to Stanmore station. Descending the first two stairs outside my house took 30 seconds. Tried a short jog and strangely felt OK on the flats. Plan

Early morning cycle really did wonders to flush the lactic from the legs.

I then headed out at lunch for an easy 7km with Wooey around Hickson Wharves. Continually jogged, held back by legs that are still seriously tender. Got passed by the HuRTS crew at CQ as I was finishing up. Apparently Tucks and the two Johns are already back running after 6FT… amazing.

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