Stanhope Splash

Stanhope Splash

Took to the flats of Kellyville after a bit of a sleep in. Legs feeling a lot better than the last few days, no signs of foot pain.

Did get an invite by Matt for 4x2km at Mowbray Oval in Chatswood, but had to pass – not a hard decision. Set out along Lorie’s old 10km course with a few detours. Pace was around 5 min/km, which is increasingly my default, semi-injured state of running. I find at this pace I don’t really risk aggravating niggles.

Looped around Kellyville Ridge, did a lap around some oval in Sanctuary Lakes before angling back towards Stanhope Shopping Centre. Recall it has been 5 days since my last swim. I jumped into the 25m lap pool for some easy freestyle.

Ended up doing a further 2.5km in the pool. 1km warm-up, 10x100m intervals at moderate intensity with 50m floats plus a 250m cool down. Jumped out feeling great and jogged the remaining 3km back to the in-laws.

Daily summary – 12km at 5;10 min/km pace, 2.5km swimming. Had to do it without a watch unfortunately…

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