Striders Homebush 10k – New PB (34:19)

Striders Homebush 10k – New PB (34:19)

First race since since June and boy my lack of race fitness showed. Call it low motivation, sore foot, tired legs from Thur/Fri, no race strategy or all of the above.

Lovely wife Lorie, and my folks decided to come along and support me. Last and only time I ran the Striders Homebush was in 2012 where I clocked 36 minutes.

The course is a double lap of a 5km course that starts in a car park off Hill road. It’s relatively flat, but has a lot of twists and turns along the walkways.

Of course I was late to turn up with only 3 min before the start. No warm-up = not good

Caught up briefly with Enda, Timmy, Tommy, Andy and Macca before the start. Gun went off and at least 20 people shot off at 3min/pace, which I frankly find baffling every race. First 2km was spent dodging people, but really trying to work out who to actually race against.

Chairman Tommy was out of sight too quickly (never expected to see him anyway). I kept my target on Enda, who maintained a 30m gap on me till 3km – the guy is in good shape! I reeled him in eventually and rather than drafting, decided to pull ahead early. At this point I started to feel sharp pains in the stomach (dinner last night?) and breathing was irregular. I think I’m use to a much slower start, those first few kms were 3:25ish pace.

I mostly avoid looking at the watch, but did my best to hold the pace for 2nd loop. It was a struggle to stay motivated in the last 3km without anyone to really chase. Splits showed I slowed slightly which resulted in an embarrassing positive split race.

Despite this, I did almost run down a tiring 6th place. Also saw Lorie and my dad jogging one lap of the course in my final 2km; by that stage too tired to give her a hi-five.

Finishing time was 34:19 at an average pace 3:25min/km. 7th place.

Overall pleased to bank another PB. Beat my 2012 time by 1:40 (that’s 10s/km) and my PB by 1:20. Caught up with the crew after. Tommy posted a cracking mid 33s run and Renee seemed pleased with a 39. Tim looked tired (not sure time), Enda a touch wobbly after a 2nd half fade (he still did 35) and I think Macca was taking it easy? I need to get involved in this HuRTS time handicap that the guys have money on at these races.

Happy snap after the finish – thanks Lorie!

Buried my face in some watermelon after the race, took a few snaps and headed home. Quads sore, everything else fine.

Splits are below:
First 5km in 17:04 (3:26, 3:26, 3:21, 3:23, 3:28)
Second 5km in 17:15 (3:21, 3:27, 3:28, 3:31, 3:29)

I should be OK for a long-run tomorrow and some trail running on Monday.

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