Sunday (not so) Long Run

Sunday (not so) Long Run

Rolling into Sunday morning, I already had banked two quality sessions (Tues Fartlek, Sat Tempo). Definitely set out into the Kellyville plains with every intent to enjoy the run.

The result? First 3km embarrassingly slower than 6min pace.

Plodding aside, legs warmed up and foot soreness (under the arch) a lot less pronounced than last night. I ventured towards the back streets and cycle paths of Kellyville shops, before looping back to the in-laws place to collect Lorie (wife) at 15km.

Did the last 7km at much the same slow pace. Included 5 x 15 push-ups; customary when I am running with the wife as it allows her to (i) catch up, and (ii) critique my poor upper body and core strength.

Had a nice stretch out in the garden.

Run summary – 22km in 2:01 at 5:30 min average pace plus 75 push-ups

Happy with my weekly total. I’ve now strung together 5 x 100km+ weeks on a slightly suspect foot. More pleasing is I am building more speed into my distances.

Fatigue Score (FS) 6 today. 
Weekly total – 124km
Rolling fortnight summary

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