Sunday Push-ups

Sunday Push-ups

A good close to the week. Though I wanted to truncate my usual long run (legs flat), I still to post a solid week of mileage. Late night out was no obstacle to an early am start.

Headed down to the Bay Run turning westward and basically wondering around Five Dock, Chiswick and Drummoyne. I’ve committed to one ‘cross-training’ session a week. Hence 0-10km, every 500m I stopped and did 5 double push-up burpees. It hurt.

After 10km I switched to just 10 push-ups every 1km. Finished the run coming back around the Iron Cove bridge with my shoulders in a bad state.

In effect, session was a half mara plus 30×10 push-ups. Came away feeling similar to a dentist visit – hate it at the time, but pat on the back in the aftermath.

130km for the week. Feeling a little flat to be honest.

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