Swim at ABC

Swim at ABC

Still sticking with the basics whilst the niggles from 6FT persist. Short, easy 7km or so runs at 5:30 pace. These are the same left foot niggles I’ve carried since maybe September last year. Comes and goes.

Thursday – Joined by Wooey for a swim at ABC pool at lunch. 30 laps (1.5km) freestyle. An alarming lack of discipline to improve my scrappy technique. There’s a few pointers I need to digest from the likes of Conway / Brendan W – stay horizontal, straighten the legs and pull the water with the palm. Nonetheless, felt great in the aftermath.

Good Trivia night at Randwick with the HuRTS crew. Some pretty seasoned trivia heads on my table – Sam, Birchy, Fenton and Charlie D. Conway and I contributed an embarrassingly small amount.

Friday – with such brilliant weather it was criminal not to head out. 9km around Hickson and through Darling Harbour with Wooey (once again). Easy again and the notable difference was 20 double push-up burpees outside the casino in Pyrmont. Shoulders felt like death after.

Off to Hobart for 8 days from tomorrow. Huge amount of trails to explore and food to eat… Mt Wellington is first up on the hit list.

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