Swim Ride Run Ride

Swim Ride Run Ride

Stopped off by Lane Cove pool again this morning, purely because I was up at 5:30am, looked at my scrawny arms and had nothing else to do. 1.5km very easy freestyle, before jumping back on the bike and off to work.

Trying to minimise run mileage this week, so I turned down an offer for a 20km MLR to Bondi. Headed out to Blue’s Point with Chris from work. Nice amount of hills on the return.

Relaxed pace and had to wait for him on any ascent >2 degrees. Suppose it’s the challenge you face when running with someone just back from honeymoon… Extended my run a little (solo) along Cahill Express and a loop around the Opera House.

Watch not working, but imagine I covered 12km all up in 60 min. Cycled back home to complete the 4th stage for the day. Got passed on the bridge by a middle aged guy on a mountain bike wearing sandels… embarrassing.

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