Swim Substitution

Swim Substitution

I’ve lied to the misses and am not proud of it…

Was on the receiving end an intervention last night – she saw my Strava kms last week and joined the dots with my comment at the start -“this will be an easy week“. The result was a blanket ban on intervals at lunch.

This was not a bad thing mind you – missed the 14x3min intervals in 31 degrees.

Substituted as best I can. Headed down to Lane Cove pool for a poor attempt at 100m swim intervals in the early morning. Did a few run strides on my way back, but it is only 3.5km out and 3.5km back.

My deviation from the no-run promise came with a 10km recovery run home. Frankly I hate catching the train and enjoy this a lot more.

Will face the wrath if and when she reads this post…

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