Telak Bahung 

Telak Bahung 

Went east on Monday so this time I went west. Discovered a town 6k via a similar winding road. Same safety issues, namely a shared lane with zooming bikes and buses on blind corners. Th  fact that I’m blogging shows the gambles paid off. 90 min at 4.40s banked in pouring rain.

Strangely my quads were really quite sore. Maybe it’s a combo of the random excercise I have been doing of late? Even yesterday’s table tennis could be to blame.

Visited dad’s old mansion in the afternoon… Here is the classic wooden staircase I last visited 20 yearsago.

Whose occupies it now? None other than the Colonel himself.

OK it was initially emotional seeing such a beautiful home overrun with school kids and obese Malaysians eating fried chicken. But once we saw the product and quality of batter, all was forgiven. 

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