Two Days of Easy

Two Days of Easy

Wednesday – Wharves

Joined by Wooey for some 6 min/km type recovery. Standard course from CQ, circling Hickson wharves. We then shot down DH and around a few more piers in Pyrmont.

Felt great as I finished up – 12km.

Add that to the 6km jog in makes 18km for the day.

Thursday – Garden Island

Scheduled to meet Conway at the usual spot. Got there 12:15, waited 5 min and figured he had already left. Turns out 12:25pm was the agreed time.

Cooincidently ran into Wooey again near Art Gallery. Proceeded down to Garden Island and up through Potts Point before circling back around Mrs Mac Chair. Wooey dropped off at CQ leaving me to add 3km solo.

Again a random bump into Wongy and Andy meant my last 3km was with good company. Saw George Gregan promoting something at CQ and took a photo with him. Wongy to send though and I’ll upload in due course.

13km all up at 5:30 min/km

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