Uncomfortable Commute and HuRTS MLR

Uncomfortable Commute and HuRTS MLR

Caught in two minds as to whether I will re-attempt a rest week. In the absence of a decision, I joined Matt for a very early commute. First km spit of 5:20, and like clockwork came the comment from the front “can we go a little faster…”.

I’m sure he’s sick of my perpetual complaints about sore legs. Hence I obliged and we brought the pace to 4:40s for the rest of the trip. Circled around Observatory Hill, through the Rocks to complete 9km.

Lunch weather was horribly hot (perhaps 30 degrees). Saw an invitation for some going to Rushcutter for 400s and absolutely no interest. Joined around 10 of the HuRTS for the Hickson Road Wharves run. Foot feeling a little suspect so I cut the run off short around the Opera House.

23km all up for the day.

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