West Melbourne Long Run

West Melbourne Long Run

Strange house, strange suburb out in the middle of Melbourne West.

Hopped outside the house and found myself wondering through Sanctuary Lakes. A 30km plus LR was the plan and it was somewhat pleasantly slow going. Weaved through Laverton, saw some industrial factories and then circled around Altona as the kms ticked over.

Pace was a cosy 5 min/km. Found a nice cycle track along wetland type landscale heading SW. Called it a day shortly after I hit 35km and once the stomach started grumbling.

Bang on 3 hours, 36.5km at 4:57 min/km all up. Never going to be fun doing such long distances solo. Nonetheless trying to keep the base fitness respectable.

130km for the week. Legs feel pretty solid.

Lorie has booked an ultrasound next morning that clashes with Striders North Head. Smells like a battle that cannot be won…

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