Wharves and Massage

Wharves and Massage

OK I admit the niggles have emerged some 4 days later. Felt 7/10 on Monday and come Friday I feel 5.5/10. It’s the little things – sore knee caps, tightness in ITB and tenderness under the left arch that all suggest an easy week or two is sensible. I called in an emergency massage after work.

Run wise the plan is keep the runs short and slow. I joined a small crew at lunch with guess appearances from John Bowe, Lambert and Frenchman Jerome. Got the run-down from J on French cooking as we circled Hickson wharves at 5 min/km. The run and food topic left me craving a good meal; brunch is on the cards Sunday.

11km all up in 55 min. 17km for the day with the 6km commute.

None other than GC half marathon star Lewis was to sort my knots/niggles out on the table. Excellent physio and a guy that has the pointiest elbows in the game. I was writhing in pain for 60 minutes. How I get out of bed tomorrow is anyone’s guess. Loved it.

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