Wild Weather

Wild Weather

Morning shower

Wow what a day. So I reasoned last night that surely, the weather can’t get much worse than Mon/Tues….

Rolled out at 5:45am in my running gear, opened the door and had a mild heart attack. Wow. Too late to head back into bed now! It’s all about attitude and I tried to take a positive mentality. 
Up Victoria Rd (Rozelle) and there I was knee deep in street flooding, battling torrential downpour and being blown everywhere. Scary. Crossed Anzac bridge, staggered through Pyrmont and stumbled into work. The hot shower after was magic.
8km all up, almost the hardest I’ve ever done.
Joined Conway for breakfast at Janus in Chifley. He promised a great feed (the best in the CBD ). I’d give the omelette a 6/10. 
Evening run
No run at lunch but I was keen to back up for a double. Had a 5kg bag of quinoa to carry home. No problem! Rain not quite as bad as the morning. Switched arms every 100m making this an excellent cross-training session. Mix of running, upper body and yes, swimming. 
6km all up and 14km for the day. 
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