Willoughby Trails plus a Half

Willoughby Trails plus a Half

Saturday – Long Run
Didn’t plan to do a LR but amazing how some nice trails and cool weather combine to double a planned 15km trail run. I retraced my steps from the Striders Willoughby Winder a few weeks ago. First 8km on road, then onto some easy trails from Castle Cove.

6km later I emerged a tad battered and bruised from some incredible trails through Middle Cove. Mostly easy sections, but one particularly steep climb. Frankly I was dreading running through Castlecrag, but decided to toughen up and The Tor Walk.

I’ve done this twice and it gives me a heart attack every time. Strava segment puts my 1:55 time third (400m, 18 degree segment). I’ll return here fresh and do sub 1:52 (needed for top spot).

The Tor Walk Climb in Castlecrag

Final section of the run was through Northbridge trails. By the end quads were a tad beaten up and legs tight all over. Run summary – 31km ave. pace 5:30 min/km and 885m elevation. I ended up face first in the pool straight after.

Elevation change

Day was not over yet –  remedial massage which was a first for me.

I’ve been complaining about perpetually sore/tight legs, and MC recommended his guy in Castle Cove who specialises in runners and triathletes. I battled through 1 hour of pain and came out a lot more sore. I begged him to leave my left calf alone but to no avail.

Diagnosis – everything out of whack:
– big muscle knotting in my left calf (explaining my plantar fascitis)
– tight quads (maybe from racing and hills last few weeks)
– tight left hamstring (chroic pain all this year)
– tight right hip flexor / ITB (again, chronic)

Feedback was also I need to hydrate better. I suppose getting a massage is all about maintenance and faster recovery. For me it makes sense at the end of heavy training blocks or post races.

Had to limp my way around for the rest of the day. Good or bad soreness? Give it 2 days and I’ll revert.

Sunday – Slow MLR
Expecting delayed soreness from massage and was not disappointed. This time it was reversed – left felt like magic, right felt like rubbish.

Nonetheless I was in Kellyville area and felt better the longer I went into my morning run. Heavens opened up and I was drenched by the end. Getting disorientated around Rouse Hill didn’t help, but I recognised the old Mean Fiddler and found my way home.

Right achilles has pulled up pretty sore. No idea why but could be massage related. Scratching my head as to why, but will keep a close eye on this.

Run summary – 21km at 5:20min/km average pace.

Dad was down from Brisbane and Lorie was keen for a 4km run late afternoon. I trailed both of them around Artarmon at a very relaxed pace. Threw in a few push-ups for good measure.

Weekly summary – 126km. Body pretty battered after the JP Morgan CC and a big weekend. Will dial back on speed work over Xmas – don’t want to risk injury.

Weekly summary

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